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Name of Machine: Extruder
Make: Lohia Starlinger Limited, Kanpur.
Capacity:  450 Kg/Hr
600 MT / Month

Circular Weaving Machine

Name of Machine: Circular Weaving Machine (4 & 6 Shuttle)
Make: Lohia Starlinger Limited, Kanpur.
6 Million Bags / Month (100 Looms)

Lamination Machine

Name of Machine: Lamination Machine
Make: Sundarlam Industries, Bangalore.
Capacity: 150 Kgs / Hr 
108 MT / Month

Flexographic Online printing

Name of Machine:Flexographic Online printing & Cutting Machine (6 Color Auto Printing) 
Make:JP Industries, Ahmedabad.
Capacity: 3000 Mts / Hr
2.16 Million Bags / Month

Auto Cutting & Stitching

Name of Machine: Auto Cutting & Stitching Machine
Make: Lohia Starlinger Limited, Kanpur..
Capacity: 240 Bags / Hr
1.7 Million Bags / Month

Hydraulic Bale Press

ame of Machine:Hydraulic Bale Press
Make:GCL India (P) Limited,Bangalore.
Capacity:4000 Bales / hour
2.9 Million/month